Art Town Tsukuba 2011


Saturday, August 27, 2011: 12noon to 8pm
Sunday, August 28, 2011: 12noon to 8pm


Tsukuba park street(tsukuba kouen dori), near Tsukuba station of Tsukuba express.

Gama no Abura Uri (Sell the oil of Toad) is famous Street performance in Japan.
It arose in the Mt.Tsukuba at the medieval. A handful of dedicated performers carry on these traditions today.
The expression of a modern the Street performance (Daidogei) is rich, and the performance is appreciable as the art.

Art Town is a Daidogei festival with an unconventional approach.
Although Daidogei can be performed anywhere as an entertainment for everyone, Art Town is one of the very few Daidogei festivals that can be enjoyed in the rich green environment of a park.
How you enjoy it is up to you: you can see every performance or you can follow your favourite artists; you can listen to cool music or you can browse through works of art; you can try a new taste in food or just relax.
Come and have a wonderful time at Art Town Tsukuba!

Art town Tsukuba is the festival that Tsukuba City Society of Commerce & Industry sponsors.
And many citizens cooperate with the administration of the art town too.

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